Finding the balance between enjoying life and being fit and healthy?

Being healthy, fit and happy long term is about making changes that are sustainable and not just a quick fix. Anything lasting must be manageable and achievable.

Yes, those fad crash diets will make you lose weight quickly, but only initially. Once you start to eat again the body stores the food as a starving mechanism, resulting in you actually putting on more weight than when you started. Fad diets are unrealistic and can severely impact your health, so steer clear!

With your exercise training you need to plan and schedule your sessions in your diary. This way you know what’s ahead of you in the week and are prepped for it. Make sure you find a group, trainer, session, activity that works for you and make it a part of your routine, however many sessions you attend each week. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself for the amount of sessions you do as it’s quality over quantity and any movement is better than none.

The same applies to your nutrition; planning and prepping is the key. Prepare your meals the night before so you know what you’re eating the next day. It will also help you avoid that convenient bag of crisps or chocolate bar that’s accessible when you have that lull at work. You will soon have it as your routine and will love being so organised. You will be surprised at how many meals can be eaten cold, just put them into containers for when you are out and about.

Your nutrition has to be a lifestyle change and one that works for you. This means not feeling hungry all the time, starving yourself and jumping on the scales every day. It’s about eating lots of good, quality, fresh food and having regular meals whilst staying hydrated with water. Combine this with regular exercise and you will achieve results and do so in an enjoyable way.

Don’t make things complicated and let it take over your life though, just focus on establishing good habits and things you can do day in and day out. Making your diet work for you and your busy lifestyle is essential to maintaining your health and energy levels throughout the day, whether you’re a full time mum, work in an office or student. Remember, you could train every day and think you’re doing a really good job, but if you are not fuelling with proper nutrition and allowing adequate rest then you will be tired and lethargic and you will not reach your targets. You cannot out-train a bad diet”. You also can overtrain, so look out for fatigue and muscle aches at the start of your sessions. Rest is just as important as training.

So….you’ve worked hard all week fitting in regular training sessions into your busy life, you’ve planned and prepped the right goods and been consistent all week with your nutrition, so allow yourself that treat at the weekend. Make the weekend a weekend, something to look forward to you; have that dessert, have that takeaway or that bar of chocolate, just know you will get back on it on Monday. That doesn’t mean be completely indulgent at the weekend, just don’t worry if you have a couple of unhealthy meals.

Similarly, if you’ve had a bad day nutrition-wise in the week, don’t dwell on it, when you fall off just get back on and keep going. “The good diet you keep is better than the perfect one you want, but can’t sustain”. Don’t get into a rut of worrying if you are due to be going out for dinner or to a party. Allow yourself the flexibility to take control – you’ve been on it all week eating good healthy, fresh foods, kept up your hydration, committed to your training sessions. You deserve that treat, don’t deprive yourself, be real with yourself.

You will no doubt be surprised to find that through consistently eating healthily as a balanced lifestyle, you will notice your previous unhealthy foods will smell, look and taste less appetising to you; the chip shop may now smell of oil to you and not those chips you used to love, but you know you’re allowed them now and then if you want them.

So basically:

  • Clean your nutrition up as much as you can.
  • Invest the time into planning and prepping so that you don’t feel hungry and grab whatever’s to hand.
  • Believe that there is no such thing as the perfect diet so allow yourself to indulge every now and then.
  • Don’t deprive yourself.
  • Train hard, train smart and incorporate rest days.

Make sure your nutritional habits are sustainable for the balance of enjoying life and make your training sessions fun. Leading a healthy lifestyle is an ongoing process, so make sure that process has balance.

The good lifestyle you keep is better than the perfect one you don’t.

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